Your roof plays a key part in your everyday life. The materials that cover your house work to keep out weather elements like heat, rain, ice, and cold winds. A poorly built roof will wear down over time and can subject your home to moisture infiltration and structural damage.

At CertainTeed, we have developed a comprehensive roofing system to protect your home for decades. We stand by our Integrity Roof System® and each of the products that make up the system to ensure each project meets your expectations.

Learn about the multiple components of our Integrity Roof System and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a roof that lasts.

Start With a Waterproofing Barrier

Moisture is the enemy of any home. From roof leaks that warp the framing and floors to mold that targets the health of families, water can devalue your home and create expensive and long-going repair projects. Our Integrity Roof System creates redundant layers that help keep moisture far from the inside of your home.

Our Integrity Roof System starts with a WinterGuard® waterproofing underlayment. This self-adhering material blocks water from touching your roof and prevents leaks into your house.

Add Extra Water Resistance

In order to keep out any water or unintended moisture, the Integrity Roof System uses a second water-resistant underlayment. Our DiamondDeck® or RoofRunner™ underlayments serve as secondary barriers to keep moisture out. In the event that this layer is damaged, your roof still has the WinterGuard underlayment to keep your home dry.

Starter Shingles Cover Vulnerable Areas

The Integrity Roof System uses specialty starter shingles that are installed along the perimeter of a roof. Since the eaves of a roof face powerful wind gusts, starter shingles are specifically engineered to endure shingle uplift and blow off.

Since we offer a wide variety of roofing shingles, there are three lines of starter shingles available to match with your asphalt shingles: the Presidential® Starter (for use with our Presidential Shake series), the High-Performance Starter (for use with Grand Manor®, Highland Slate Highland Slate®, and Belmont® shingles), and Swiftstart® starter shingles (for all other CertainTeed asphalt shingles).

Asphalt Shingles for the First Layer of Protection

Next comes the asphalt shingles. These shingles are a roof’s primary defense against the elements and make up the bulk of a roof system. We offer shingles that replicate the look of slate or wood shake roofing – with products that vary by texture, color, and appearance. Regardless of your budget, each shingle we make provides the quality level you expect in a high-performing product.

You can learn more about our shingle technologies and how they make roofing that’s built to last.

Ridge Vents

Sloped roofs present a series of peaks – known as ridges – that are the high point of a home’s structure. Ridge vents are installed over a ridge, and work in balance with intake vents or soffit vents to help your roof ‘breathe.’ This is a critically important function necessary for optimal performance and protection of a roof system. Balanced ventilation (in conjunction with proper attic insulation) helps keep an attic space dry and free from mold, and can also help you save on heating and cooling costs by venting trapped hot or cold air from the attic space.

Accessory Shingles

Accessory shingles serve as protective caps at the ridges and hips of a roof, and provide a professional, finished look. Our accessory shingles match the style and colors of our asphalt shingles, allowing them to blend seamlessly with the rest of the roof. Alternatively, you can look into contrasting shingles to add character to a roof design.

Enjoy Peace of Mind With Our Integrity Roof System

Each of the elements in the CertainTeed Integrity Roof System works together to protect your roof. However, when choosing a roof system, be sure you choose products from one manufacturer. This way you know that each component will fit into the larger system as specified, and you get peace of mind from knowing that—if anything goes wrong— there’s no finger pointing as to which manufacturer is responsible for the faulty component.

Finally, many CertainTeed-credentialed contractors offer special extended warranty coverage for an Integrity Roof System due to the advanced protection the system provides. Use our Find A Pro contractor locator tool to connect with a trusted contractor near you and discuss your options!


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