Gutters do so much for our homes. They direct water away from the roof so mold doesn’t grow, and also funnel water away from the soil surrounding the home so the foundation isn’t damaged. However, many gutters will clog, become separated from the home, or even promote mold growth due to being installed poorly or crafted from low-quality materials.

The following 6 signs you may need new gutters.

Cracks and Splits

Cracked gutters allow water and debris to seep through. While larger cracks are more visible also be aware although smaller cracks may not look like much they will grow over time. This happens more quickly particularly if you live in a freeze/thaw climate where water turning to ice will expand inside the crack and cause it to split open wider. Larger cracks and splits should be dealt with right away to help keep your gutters functioning normally.

Sagging Gutters

Gutters beginning to sag and pull away from the house is another sign it’s time to replace them. Gutters usually only sag when they become too heavy or too full of water to remain in their correct position. If there is sagging, it means they are not functioning properly.

Cracking or Peeling Paint

Malfunctioning gutters can ruin the paint on your home. When checking your exterior siding, look for any bubbled up or peeled away paint. This means there may be excess moisture. Be sure to check the condition of the nearest gutter. If painted gutters are peeling as well, then you very likely have a leak.

Water and Mildew around the Foundation

One of the ways gutters help protect your home is by channeling the water away from the foundation. If you start to notice signs of water there, such as pools and puddles of water or mildew and algae growth, this could be a sign your gutters are not functioning properly.

Water Damage around the Gutters

When inspecting your gutters it’s best to wait for a sunny day. This aides in seeing any water stains, rotting fascia, mildew or puddles. These are signs of water damage around and beneath your gutters.

Rust or Orange Areas

If your home’s gutters are made of galvanized steel, their protective coating can come off over time and rust. This creates an orange coloring around some of the areas of the gutters or where the gutter joins the house.

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